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Diego began to draw and paint Tangodog's, a dog he met at the marketplace.. Diego could not forget the expression in Tangodog's eyes as he walked away, the last day he went to the market……..Many Years went by…….. Diego still missed Tango terribly. Diego knew that Tango missed him too. One day after school, Diego went to visit his Grandmother, near his old neighborhood, as he walked along, a man with a black hat caught his eye. Diego knew it was the Tangoman. Diego ran to him and asked, "Where is Tango, your dog?" With a frown Tangoman replied, "He is dead and so is my music." Diego responded,” He is dead for you, but not for me, he will live forever“…For Diego Tangodog will live eternally in his paintings and in memories… Diego has been showing and selling his “Tangodog” artwork for 15 years in the United States, primarily in New Orleans Louisiana. New Orleans was Diego's home for 14 years, in August 2005 moved away from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. Soon after, in September 2005 he opened Diego Lukezic Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico